About Us

Thank you for your interest in the Nuel Mark Group of companies.

We are a group of companies offering a very diverse range of services. In all our companies, regardless of whether it's Selling Property, Renting a Living, Property Consulting, Environmental Services, Oil & Gas Services you'll find one common thread woven throughout Nuel Mark Organization ... A relentless dedication to customer service and satisfaction.. The Nuel Mark Group has over 500 employees and has locations throughout Nigeria.

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Our mission is to add value to the lives of everyone we serve—clients and investors, partners and associates, residents, their guests, and others—.

By excelling in the development, financing, and management of real estate, Property Consulting, Environmental Services, Oil & Gas Services.

Our Values

We advance our mission by living out the values that have delivered success to our business and our customers for over 10 years. As members of Nuel Mark Group of Companies, we:

  • Value long-term relationships with owners, residents, associates, colleagues, and everyone else whose lives we touch
  • Commit ourselves first and foremost to the quality of living we create for others
  • Improve the communities we serve by collaborating with them
  • Attract and retain business by exceeding expectations
  • Seek out opportunities to innovate in every aspect of our business
  • Strive for solid financial performance