Contaminated Lands Assessment and Remediation

Nuel Mark Environmental Services Limited can assist land owners/developers and purchasers/sellers of lands with known or potential contamination

Ecological Resources Management

Protecting and preserving our natural ecological resources for future generations is central to the concept of sustainable development.

Environmental Information Management

In today's complex world, processing, analyzing and interpreting ever-increasing amounts of data and information to make decisions, is a significant challenge in many fields, including the environment.

Environmental Management

Effective environmental policies, strategies, plans and implementation programs are essential to good environmental management.

Waste Management

It is well known that as population grows the volume of waste raises. Equally important but less widely recognized is that as affluence in a society grows, so does the waste generation rate per capita..

Water Resources Management

Fresh water is one of the world’s most important natural resources as it is critical to the well-being of all people..

Nuel Mark Environmental Services Limited is a professional services firm focusing on the environmental needs of our clients and providing them sustainable environmental strategies and solutions.   

 Nuel Mark Environmental Services Limited vision is to be a premier international professional services provider of environmental strategies and solutions.

Our environmental professionals provide services to private and public sector clients in the following general areas:
NMESLEnvironmental Management
NMESLAir Resources Management
NMESLWater Resources Management
NMESLEcological Resources Management
NMESLWaste Management
NMESLSite Assessment & Remediation
NMESLEnvironmental Information Management
NMESLEnvironmental Impact Assessment

Nuel Mark Environmental Services Limited is committed to continuous improvement of quality service delivery and to helping our clients with their environmental challenges, consistent with the principles of sustainable development. We will strive to keep our employees' disciplinary expertise at the leading edge and to enhance their career growth and well being while fostering their dedication to serving our clients' needs.